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If you are a small business owner in need of financing to expand your commercial property, or to buy a new one, Ocean Pacific Capital can get it done through an Small Business Association (SBA) loan program.

Many SBA loan applicants have been turned down by traditional sources of capital. When applying for an SBA loan the following documentation will be required:

1. A professional business plan which describes the type of business and legal form, including anual sales/revenue, number of employees, ownership structure, and length of time in business.

2. Complete financial statement for the from the last 3 years and current or interim financials.

3. Personal financial statement from all owners and officers

4. Description of the loan request, including purpose and amount.

5. Description of collateral used to secure loan.

6. Resumes of those involved with daily operations.

The market has investors and lenders eagerly seeking to invest in commercial projects. Yet, strikingly, many of these projects never achieve appropriate financing. The reason being, the projects' sponsors failed to think through and adequately address all requirements needed to present project in the best possible light.

The first step toward obtaining financing for your strip center is easy. Simply call 1-800-595-1474 to speak with a strip center financing specialist.




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